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Welcome to Radio Nowhere

My name is Mark Stratton, and I am a poet/writer living in Central Missouri. I use tRadio Nowhere Seal of Authenticityhis space to share poetry, short fiction, and selections of what I've produced for several wonderful writing prompt groups.

When I am not writing, I am obviously doing something else. When I am obviously doing something else, I am writing, thinking about writing, or looking off to the clouds for answers. Probably about writing.

When I am doing something that isn't writing, those activities can include, but are not limited to, motorcycle riding, reading comic books, reading weightier material, letting my brain rest by watching television, watching the birds at the feeders outside, playing with/tormenting any of our three cats, or best of all, being with my wife.

My publishing credits are few, my hopes are high and my commitment to the betterment of my craft is total. The Notebook is my WordPress Journal. New material and old can be found there. The rest is on the menu at right. I invite you to come in and enjoy what you find.