Coltrane – A Love Supreme/Dear John, Dear Coltrane

I enjoy jazz quite a lot, but make no claims to great knowledge about it.  I have a nice collection, some artists whose work I enjoy quite a lot and Coltrane is one of them.  I appreciate more his earlier work than his later more dissonant work or his “sheets of sound” recordings.   I was talking with Randall J Weiss about this at lunch on Saturday and this morning I found a link to Dear John, Dear Coltrane by Michael S. Harper in my twitter feed this morning, that he had sent along.  I shall spend some time listening to “A Love Supreme” this week, steeping in it and thinking of this poem.  Enjoy!

Dear John, Dear Coltrane by Michael S. Harper  <– Link to Poem on the Poetry Foundation web site.

YouTube Preview Image

First of three tracks from the album.




4 thoughts on “Coltrane – A Love Supreme/Dear John, Dear Coltrane

  1. Ah yes. Yes yes yes. I’m wondering how you feel about Charlie Parker? Jess – long ago- bought me Charlie Parker’s Complete Savoy and Dial Studio Recordings – an eight disc set. Between the two of them – Parker and Coltrane – well – it’s pure bliss.

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