Advent Calendar – Day 6

Posted by Mark on December 6, 2012 in Advent | Short Link

Yesterday I shared a link and a thought on letters to Santa.  Today, you get to read my mail.


Dear Santa,


How do you feel about the various portrayals in popular culture?  I would think being portrayed as a rich uncle from out of town would be tiresome after awhile.   I know from my mother’s explanation of what you really are that this isn’t the total picture.

Santa, Mother explained you as an ideal.  A goal to strive for, a role model.  Not exactly in the whole hanging with the elves and reindeer at the North pole way, but in the Spirit of the Season.  In life as well, it should be noted.  That you, Dear Santa, are more than simply a giver, but a servant.  You serve others selflessly.  Somehow this aspect of who you are gets lost in the shuffle, the grind of “I want a dolly or video game” or whatever else is the hot commodity of the moment.  I find this sad, as must you.

I know you have to be wondering why I’m writing after so many years.  Sharing laments at this festive time of year isn’t the sole reason.  I do have a few requests, but they aren’t things.  We already have enough things, even though we will undoubtedly buy more things in the years ahead.

No, what I wish for this year is Peace.  Peace in my heart, in my mind, in my soul.  Peace between people, Santa.  Peace such that reason and rational thought takes precedence over emotional reactions and blind responses.  Or rage.  Rage accomplishes little, Santa.  Except to foment more rage, it seems.

I realize that this is a whole lot and not much to ask for and I’ll understand if it’s not under the tree this year.  But please, think it over will you please?  Maybe help us all out a bit with this?

Best of the Season to you and yours.





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