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Posted by Mark on March 8, 2013 in Drafts | Short Link

The inimitable Heather Grace Stewart tagged me in a blog post as part of a blog hop thingie-majig.  She then asked me the following five questions and told me to tag three others.

I have done both.  The Taggees are as follows:

Richard Fenwick, Poet/Writer, All around good egg.  His first poetry collection, Around the Sun Without a Sail, available on Amazon. White Stones at Low Tide  his forthcoming collection will be published in early 2014.

Natasha Head, Poet
author of Pushcart Prize nominated Nothing Left to Lose & Pulse, host of The Nexus Cafe on BlogTalkRadio.

Jason Benoit, Writer
Twitter: Jinxingwinks
FaceBook: Jason Benoit 
Heather Grace Stewart, is a poet/writer from Canada.  She has written five volumes of poetry, Where the Butterflies Go, Leap, Carry on Dancing, The Groovy Granny (with her daughter illustrating) and her newest collection, Three Spaces.   She’s written a screenplay “The Friends I’ve Never Met” and been published in various journals and magazines.  She tweets with reckless abandon and likes a cold beer on occasion.
AND NOW!  LE QuestionS! And my answers!


Tell me about your writing process. Do you plan out what you’re writing
or sit down and do it? What was the greatest surprise about
this writing process for you?

Process implies a ritual or routine that is regularly followed. That is why this question fills me with such amusement. I haven’t enough discipline to maintain a routine, never mind a process.

That being the case, I can tell you for me, writing is a variation on the theme of “Whatever works, do it.”

On occasion, ideas for poems or essays show up in a lump and the idea is to carve away the slop and find the treasure inside. Since this is words we’re talking about I seldom worry about pruning too much.  I keep spare words in a basket nearby.

Other times, a poem starts as a line or phrase or even a single word.  Since we all know that the hardest part of writing is writing, times like this require more labor. Instead of searching in a pile, it’s more like carefully teasing words onto paper to see how they look or sound.

The biggest surprise is that sometimes what I write makes sense.

What was your worst job ever? (doesn’t have to be about writing) and
why? What did you learn from it?

Hands down the gig at the concrete statuary. I’d been working at restaurant jobs for a couple of years in my late 20’s/early 30’s. Some people at my church thought I needed a “real” job and one fellow told about a job near Lake of the Ozarks making concrete birdbaths, garden gnomes and what have you.  It also included a place to live and possibly to become the manager.

I was so not cut out for this.  The owner was a real jerk which made things so much better.  I lasted four days.

If you knew tonight was your last meal for a week, what would you eat?

It’s a toss up between extravagant or comfort food. Both are enjoyable for completely different reasons.

A nice surf and turf meal of broiled trout, a small ribeye, an asian salad, fresh green beans, and new potatoes would be delightful. However, eating is as much about visiting for me as nourishment so I would opt for my wife’s Calico Beans and fresh homemade bread.  Wash it down with iced tea and some of her famous chocolate chip cookies for desert.  If I gotta skip food for a week I’d rather have dinner with Elaine that she prepared.

How do you feel about frogs?

Frog legs taste like chicken, they go great with catfish, slaw, and hush puppies.

The remainder of the frog I’m rather ambilivalent about.

Where’s your favourite place to chill out, and why?

With Elaine, at home.  Oh, and the cats.


That’s it.  Be sure to visit the above tagged people in the coming week at their blogs to see how they answered these question.  Go see what Heather had to say and the other folks she tagged as well.  Drop comments like crazy and above all, thanks for reading.



  • d smith kaich jones says:

    you are a bigger part of the universe than you know. your process is my process and i was writing about it just this very morning, getting the words down, done, then onto online, where i found an article saying the very same thing in different words, and then here, finding you also saying the same thing in different words. no rules, baby. don’t fence me in.

    here’s to bad bosses and good wives and writers who just write. nice to know you better.

  • Heather Grace Stewart says:

    I can only give it one star? I loved this. My mouth is still smillng. Thank you for playing! Oh PS poor wee frogs, lol

  • Jennifer (OpenBookJen) says:

    What great answers! I particularly like your response to the last meal for a week question. Well done!

  • Tracy Ann Mangold says:

    Fun fun fun! Process is so unique to the individual. I love reading what others do or do not do.

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