83. (iPod Challenge) Keep Going, Hope is Just Around the Corner

Posted by Mark on July 3, 2013 in iPod Challenge, Music | Short Link

A Little Bit of Everything - Dawes     


What is it that you want? Do you even know? Can you answer the question, “What Do You Want From Life?” (and no, this isn’t about the song by The Tubes)

The things an artist can do with a thought like that can sometimes boggle the mind. Case in point is this song by Dawes, “A Little Bit of Everything.”

I found out about this band by reading the Lefsetz Letter, a semi-regular (Which means, I’ve no clue when it’s going to show up and neither does he) email newsletter that now I couldn’t tell you how I found. Anyhow, amongst the things he writes about are bands and artists he likes; some are from years ago, some are current, but there is always passion and honesty in the posts. One of the posts was about Dawes, and this song in particular.

In and amongst the I-know-more-than-you-do shit typical in his newsletters, was a breakdown of the songs lyrics, including this line:

In the tradition of all great story songs, from “Celluloid Heroes” to “The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald”, “A Little Bit Of Everything” exists in its own vacuum, it sounds like nothing else, it’s an instant anthem.

He quotes verse after verse, talks to you in between, sums it up and I want to hear this record. I want to hear it NOW! Youtube to the rescue, and fortunately our local record store was still in business because I bought the album “Nothing Is Wrong” and listened to it almost exclusively for the next three weeks. It was that good, a point Lefsetz made more than once. Something I learned on my own as well, but it was his raving about the song that got my attention.

It shows stories, vignettes we can all relate too though we haven’t all lived through them. It starts out depressing as hell, but leaves us with a hope for tomorrow. It’s sings the darkest hours then the light of day, the light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t a train coming at you. The song breathes love and hope and the little things that matter day to day.

Don’t take it just from Ol’ Crankypants, but do take it from me and at least give the song a listen. Then buy the album. All of it.

Enjoy and Thanks for Reading!

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  • MichaelDouglasJones says:

    This tune starts out with a real nineteenth century vibe before the lyric comes in, so it sounds familiar, but I don’t recall hearing it. I like it though, so I’m off to listen to the album. Also, I love the new look; a nod to vinyl and Gene Davis. http://www.flickr.com/photos/smithsonian/sets/72157622953738010/

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