54 – Early Teenage Perfection (iPod Challenge)

Sometimes you can tell when a song is perfect the first time you hear it


I didn’t hear this song until I was in my 40′s.  Heck, I’d never heard of Big Star until I was in my 40′s.  Both of these are travesties, musically speaking.  Big Star should’ve been huge, they should’ve been more than just a footnote and influential.  They made hit records nobody heard for years.

So, I didn’t hear this song until I was in my 40′s, yet the first time I was 13 again.  I was a teenager again and I didn’t like it and I loved it.  Which is what I remember my teenage years being like.  I suspect you feel the same way.  This song perfectly captures the essence, the emotions and the push/pull of adolescence.  All the beginnings of independence and the constant realization that no matter what, parents still rule our lives.  Which is a good and bad thing.

Take all of the above and this song is nigh perfect.  You can be Thirteen again without the acne, curfews and angst.  Well, at least for just a few moments and then you can get back to adulthood.

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